The Company

Legal Information

BE-ST A Family Company with an international scope

Company name : BE-ST Conseil et Prestations

Commercial name : BE-STLtd company (capital € 2000 ) created and registered in march 2004

 BE-ST are the initials of our associates’ names : BEUDIN and STARKLOFF
BE-ST is also a symbol : we join forces with our partners to our clients with the best services


Our activities started in 2004 .Focusing at first on education, we soon expanded our scope to include financial advisory , mainly targeted at emerging countries.

Since 2007 we assist French SMEs in their development.

In 2010, we decide to provide French SMEs with our value-adding knowledge of emerging countries and French abroad representations to support them in their effort for international expansion.


 According to the missions we realize, the consultants we choose to involve are either  our shareholders or associates, or expert contractors. We also enjoy the collaboration of the junior consulting enterprises of our academic structures.

We also work in close relationship with a network of partners, who valuably enforce our own expertise.

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