Correspondants and networks

During her whole career, our General manager has acquired a large number of correspondants and providers on which she knows that she can rely, either to complete or to enforce our expertise.

According to the missions we realize, the consultants we choose to involve are mainly our Executive Manager, or some of our associates, or expert contractors. We also enjoy the collaboration of the junior consulting enterprises of our academic structures and from time to time recruit young interns freshly graduated.


We work in close relationship with a network of partners, who valuably enforce our own expertise and we use punctual providers or punctual associations with correspondants for specific bids.


The followings are not commercial partners or correspondants, but relationships built under associative or professional activities, either with alumnis, or with specific action partners.

The synergy between our expertise and our partners relies actually on the ability to share values and aims related to common associative activities.

Dominique Beudin is active in the following associations

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